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Management Committee

The Management Committee is the executive body responsible for directing and overseeing the company’s business activities. It is headed by the Managing Member and has in membership, the Chief Estimator / Commercial Manager , Finance & Administration Manager, Accountant, and the Procurement Manager. The Management Committee is responsible for the development of the overall business plan, implementation thereof, monitoring and control of this plan. The Management Committee assess and evaluates the market conditions from time to time and develops appropriate response strategies. Since Maunga Projects is a project-based company, the Management Committee is responsible for identification of projects to bid for and thereafter provides project oversight. The Management Committee assumes the role of the Sponsor, and thus resources every project in the company’s portfolio. The Management Committee therefore collectively takes pride in every project that Maunga Projects delivers and strives to always exceed Client and Consultant’s expectations.

Managing Member

The Managing Member is a black, female entrepreneur and is the sole member of Maunga Projects cc. She assumes the executive role of leading the corporation / company and takes the lead role in determining the business strategy. She has overseen the birth and growth of Maunga Projects from 2004 as a small un-graded enterprise, to a CIDB Grade 7-8 entity in various disciplines today. She, alongside her current and past management team, developed the company into a marketplace leader in the electrical, mechanical engineering, general building and civil construction space. From time to time she delegates her duties and authority to the Commercial Manager, Finance & Administration Manager and or the Project Managers.

Chief Estimator / Commercial Manager

The current incumbent of this post holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Quantity Surveying and is a professional registered Quantity Surveyor. He has been working in the construction industry for over ten (10) years. The Commercial Manager takes the lead, guided by guidelines determined by the Management Committee, in identifying tenders, compiling and submitting bids, and controlling the construction process to ensure profitability.
A full bio of the current Commercial Manager is available on request

Finance and Administration Manager

The Finance & Administration Manager‘s primary functions are to ensure that the activities of the company are recorded (1) in compliance with the laws of the land and (2) in such a manner as to provide management with adequate information on whether the business is operating at a profit or not. The current incumbent of this post holds a BCom (Hons) Degree in Accounting and is registered with the Institute of Accounting and Commerce. The finance manager has 10 years working as an accountant and over 5 years working in the construction industry. The Finance & Administration Manager is assisted by qualified accountants, bookkeepers and payroll clerks. The Finance & Administration Manager is assisted by qualified accountants, bookkeepers and payroll clerks.
A full bio of the current Finance & Administration Manager is available on request.

Procurement Manager

The procurement manager is responsible for the Implementation of the company’s purchasing policies and procedures. His responsibilities amongst other things are; to ensure that purchases are conducted in a fair & transparent manner and any purchase undertaken by the company supports the projects profit objectives. The Incumbents of this post is a qualified professional who understands the construction industry.
A full bio of the current PrM is available on request.

Operations Management

The Project Management Office is headed by the Commercial Manager and its primary function is to provide support to project teams. The PMO is the company’s repository / hub of project execution knowledge, standard operating procedures (SOP), methodologies and templates.
Among other things the PMO:

  1. The PMO determines required skills within project teams and facilitates training where required,
  2. It also provides contractual management support to project teams by ensuring that contractual correspondence is issued on time and in compliance with relevant clauses of applicable contracts.
  3. It is the PMO’s responsibility as well to measure, evaluate and certify subcontract works.
  4. Ultimately The PMO assists project teams with planning, monitoring and controlling project budgets and schedules. This office is manned by Cost Controllers (Quantity Surveyors & Cost Accountants), Buyers, Project Managers & Health & Safety Officers.

Project Managers & Site Agents

At any given time, the Project Management Office (PMO) boasts of several active project managers / site agents. Our project managers/ site agents possess various core skills / competencies and capabilities they bring into the construction process. Typically, our project managers are qualified engineers or tradesmen with years of experience in the construction and engineering field. The project managers and site agents are assigned projects primarily based on both their engineering qualification first and experience. Depending on the size and complexity of the project, a project maybe assigned a Site Agent and Project Manager. The Management Commitee, based on the size, complexity and or client assigns Project Managers or Site Agents to projects.

Estimating Function

The Estimating Office is headed by the Commercial Manager. The office is made up of Building & Civil Estimators, Electrical & Mechanical Estimators and Administrators. Our estimators are qualified tradesmen and engineers. Intern students are also engaged from time to time for experiential learning.

Accounting Function

The accounting function falls under the leadership of the Finance & Admin Manager. This office is responsible for the bookkeeping and accounting activities of the business. Besides ensuring that the company’s trading activities are recorded as required by the law, it jointly works with the Project Management Office in assessing the financial performance of each project and provides the feedback loop to project teams and information to management for decision making. This function is manned by qualified accountants and clerks.

Project Teams

Within Maunga Projects there are over forty (40) employees and range in competency from trade qualified brick-layers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, welders, fitter & turners, generator technicians, foremen through to quantity surveyors, site agents and site engineers. Our investment in people is what sets us apart. People are the key to our success in business. As a company, we strive for the best, similarly we demand the same of all our employees.